Remembering Carl Scott

On the morning of Jan. 22, one of the Summit’s heroes of the faith heard the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Carl Scott had a routine knee surgery a few days ago, but complications caused his health to decline rapidly.

Most of us knew Carl well, simply because Carl sought to know us so well. He was famous for taking Summit staff members to lunch, stopping us on the sidewalk at church to catch up, or using the power of Facebook to check in. He was, for decades, the first to believe that God would move, the first to sacrifice for our church, the first to offer us wisdom and perspective, and the first to point us back to Jesus.

Carl made an effort to get to know everyone that he didn’t already know, from senior adults to college students. Especially college students. And especially UNC students. Much of our growth as a church and the spread of the gospel has to be attributed to his faithfulness in caring for people. Humanly speaking, The Summit Church is what it is today because of Carl.

Carl and Nancy were two of our original 300, and Carl served for years as a Homestead Heights deacon, Bible study leader, off-the-books small group leader, and later, one of our first directional elders. He was on the search committee that called me to the Summit. Except for my dad, no man has believed in me more or stood as steadfastly by me.

Carl—we love you, we miss you, and we pray to see more faith like yours in our own generation!