J.D. Greear - May 2, 2021


As we continue our series through the book of Daniel, Pastor J.D. walks us through Nebuchadnezzar’s confusing dream in Daniel 2. Through this wild and startling story, we’ll learn to view our culture the way Daniel viewed his—not through assimilation, not through separation, but through transformation. Because what was true for Daniel is still true today: “There is a God in heaven.” So where human strategies fail, God begins to work.

Scripture References: Daniel 2:1-49

From Series: "The Book of Daniel: Shining in Babylon"

The book is about how to shine, how to thrive, in a very dark and hostile world. You see, unlike most of the other books in the Hebrew Bible, the book is set not in Israel, but in the heart of an enemy, pagan Empire where God’s people have been taken captive. We’ll learn that the power to make a difference is only found in the commitment to be different.

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