J.D. Greear - December 24, 2023

Jesus, the Light

Have you ever been in a place of immense darkness, literal or otherwise? If so, then you know how incredibly powerful it is when you see the first rays of light beginning to break through. In this week's message from Isaiah 9, the last in our Christmas series, Pastor J.D. shows us how Jesus is the light that the long-ago prophet spoke about. Even when darkness threatens to overwhelm this weary world, we can rejoice in the knowledge that the light of Jesus has come—a light that will never be eclipsed by darkness.

Scripture References: Isaiah 9:2

From Series: "The Everlasting Wonder "

While Christmas has inspired the writing of many songs throughout the centuries, one song that is often overlooked is a biblical one—namely, that of Zechariah, whose words were inspired by the birth of John the Baptist. Over the next few weeks, we will examine three ordinary objects and how they can help us better apprehend the meaning of Christmas. In this week's message from Luke 1, Pastor J.D. walks through Zechariah's song to explain the first of these objects, the horn. At first glance, it may seem a curious image to use—but its rich symbolism serves to point us to Jesus, the ultimate horn of salvation.


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