What Do Transparency and Accountability Look Like at The Summit Church?

Show Notes:

  • I think the first thing that stands out is that character really does matter. In 1 Tim. 3, when Paul talks about qualifications for ministry, he doesn’t just list talents—he talks about character, as well. Second, we really do need accountability. Dr. Paul Tripp told me about two things he’s seen that lead to a ministry leader falling. The first one is a lack of peer community. The second is a lack of seriousness about the power of indwelling sin in all of our live’s.
  • Third, we never graduate beyond the local church. My wife and I have found that our own personal happiness is best reflected by the quality of our close, local relationships within the local church.

Sometimes we get so enamored with someone’s talents that we promote them beyond their character. Paul warns us directly against that.

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