Greatest Hits: If a Child Wanders From the Faith, Is It the Parents’ Fault?

Show Notes:

  • We should be as intentional with our families as we are with our jobs.
  • There is a sense that, on one level, I as a parent affect the faith journey of my kids.
  • But on another level, there is a limit to the responsibility parents have for the choices our kids make. God has made them as individuals. A lot of godly parents will have a child who wanders. And it’s not because they did something wrong.
  • Think about it: God was a perfect Father. And the only two humans he “fathered” directly (Adam and Eve) both rebelled. It wasn’t because of deficiencies in God’s parenting.
  • There are decisions only our kids can make. Even under the best of circumstances, they can decide to pursue things that are contrary to what God would have for them.
  • Pray for your kids. Speak truth to them. But ultimately, know that God wants us to lean into his grace.

God cares more for our kids than we do and he can pursue our kids in ways that we can’t.

Lean not on your ability as a parent; lean on God’s grace as the hope for your child.

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