What Are the Most Essential Traits of a Multiplying Leader?

In this week’s episode of the Ask Me Anything Podcast, Pastor J.D. defines what it means to be a multiplying leader.

Show Notes:

  • While a good leader can lead an organization for a time, the world is realizing the value of multiplying leadership that outlasts just one leader.
  • This idea has been making the rounds even in the secular world recently, as businesses and other organizations have started to realize the value of multiplying leadership. Liz Wiseman’s book, Multipliers, is popular in the business world—her principles don’t claim to be rooted in Christianity, but they do show how much the secular world is “leaning in” to these principles.
  • Some of you may think, “I wouldn’t count myself as a church leader, so do these principles really apply to me?” I promise you, they do! The gospel teaches us to be disciple-making disciples. No matter your stage of life, you and I are responsible to be disciple-making disciples. That’s how the Great Commission goes forward!
  • I want to give you five words that help define what it means to be a multiplying leader:
    • Clarity
    • Familiarity
    • Proximity
    • Equity
    • Humility

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