Spiritual Disciplines Recap + Q&A

Show Notes:

MATT: J.D., we just wrapped up the last of the spiritual disciplines we wanted to cover, and it’s been a great 8-part series. But before we move on, we wanted to answer a few more questions from our listeners and kind of recap what we talked about. A lot of these are more general questions about the disciplines as a whole, and some focus in on certain ones. We’ll keep this a little more “rapid fire.”

First up, from Ashley: How to help my teens practice the spiritual disciplines?

J.D.: I feel that, and as a parent of teenagers, we obviously want to see them grow in all the areas and habits God wants them to. And at the same time, once they’re that age, it’s hard can’t make them do anything.

  • I’ve said this before, but a friend of mine told me… (mechanic vs farmer)
  • Prayer is a big key here.
  • It never hurts to have conversations with them, to check in about these things. To share what the SD’s look like in your life. To model them for the whole family and explain why you’re modeling them.

Practically: a book list (My Essential Christianity; A Praying Life; for boys: JC Ryle’s Thought for Young Men and Kent Hughes’ Disciplines of a Godly Young Man; for girls, 7 Lies and the Truth that Sets them Free; Rebecca McLaughlin’s 10 Questions Every Teen Should Ask; Tactics by Greg Koukl).

MATT: From Tiffany: How do we avoid guilt as we fail and succeed in practicing the disciplines?

  • This is such an easy trap to fall into. The enemy wants us to feel guilty.
  • It’s a relationship: (my dad’s story)
  • It’s an invitation: he doesn’t love you more when you do or less when you don’t  
  • Long obedience in the same direction

MATT: From April: Are all spiritual disciplines equal? 

  • Yes and no.
  • Yes, they’re all important. They’re all talked about and taught to us in Scripture.
  • But at the same time, there are certain ones more essential. 
    • Scripture is life and the anchor to the others. Jesus suspended fasting for a while with the disciples–doesn’t mean we shouldn’t practice diligently, but there are seasons where it is more appropriate or even not appropriate. But never suspends Scripture. It’s what you live by. 
    • Pray always, like breath.

  • Matt:  To finish out the spring semester, we’re going to answer questions you’ve sent in throughout the year so far and then we’ll tackle another big series in the fall. Next up: we want to know Pastor J.D.’s thoughts on the Israel/Gaza conflict. 
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