Should I kiss before marriage?

Pastor J.D. shares his thoughts on dating and courtship, as well as some helpful guidelines for appropriate displays of affection before marriage.

A glimpse inside this episode:

  • Courting vs. Dating
    • Why I don’t agree with courting: Courting goes beyond the Bible teaches; it is inconsistent (e.g. giving flowers can be sexual); and it puts unhealthy pressure on dating when you court. But we can learn from the idea of courting.
  • But I think we should keep dating light
    • Dating is a road that is leading toward marriage.
    • Dating is best when it is non-exclusive, non-physical, non-escalating (especially when you’re younger).
  • Appropriate show of affection vs. foreplay
    • Lynn’s Laws (from Pastor J.D.’s father):
      • Nothing in the dark
      • Nothing should last longer than 5 seconds
      • Nothing below the neck
      • Never lie down
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