Should Christians Have Big Families?

This week, as we continue our marriage and family series, Pastor J.D. discusses how many kids Christians should consider having.

Show Notes:

  • Proverbs 24:27: Establish your work in the field, afterward build your house.
    • Doesn’t mean you have to wait a long time or that you need to be rich. But you probably don’t want to be on the rocks. 
  • In general, we are waiting too long to have kids and not having enough. Not high enough value on childbearing. 
    • Genesis 1: Be fruitful and multiply.
      • Many would-be-prophets are currently telling us: too many kids causes poverty, global warming. We are headed for an apocalypse because of too many people. Countries that have low birth rates are the one economically struggling so that argument doesn’t hold up.
    • Psalm 127: no magic number.
  • But what about taking time to get to know each other? I get it, honeymoon phase. But I got to know my wife so much better after we had kids; I didn’t get less of her when we had kids, I got more. 
  • Have a parenting strategy: 

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