Is Faith a Gift of God?

Pastor J.D. talks about the three kinds of faith we see in the Bible and how that faith is a gift in various ways.

A glimpse inside this episode:

Yes, but in different ways:

  • There are three different kinds of faith in the Bible.
    • Saving faith
    • General trust in God (I think of this as a spiritual fruit)
    • Spiritual gift of faith:
      • A spiritual gift is an empowerment given to all Christians. He gives to certain people the specific gift of faith, and different gifts to each Christian.
      • “There is also what we might call charismatic faith, which I believe is what Paul had in mind when he spoke of the spiritual gift of faith in 1 Corinthians 12:9. How is it different? While all faith is an expression of trust and humble dependence upon a person or promise, this is the experience of faith that arises somewhat spontaneously and unexpectedly in our hearts.” Sam Storms, Practicing the Power

How do I grow and develop my faith?

  • Romans 10:17, “So faith comes from what is heard, and what is heard comes through the message about Christ.”
  • There is a direct correlation between faith and knowing the promises of God.
  • The more time in the Word, the more trust and faith in God.
  • Reading great biographies of faith warriors.
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