How Do You Structure Your Quiet Time?

Pastor J.D. shares helpful tips to structure quiet time with God and reminds listeners that It’s more important to find a rhythm that works for them than to do it “the right way.”

A glimpse inside this episode:

  • Pastor J.D.’s Personal Method: 15-15-15
    • 15 minutes of Bible reading
    • 15 minutes of prayer
    • 15 minutes of devotional, Scripture memorization, etc.
  • ACTS method of praying
    • Adoration
    • Confession
    • Thanksgiving
    • Supplication
  • Prayer helps
  • Gospel Prayer from Gospel
    • In you, there is nothing I could do to make you love me more; nothing I have done that makes you love me less.
    • You are all I need today for everlasting joy.
    • As you have been to me, so I will be to others.
    • As I pray, I’ll measure your compassion by the cross and your power by the resurrection.
  • Start where you are!
    • Don’t get overwhelmed.
    • If you aren’t doing anything at all, start with 5 or 10 minutes. Don’t let what others are doing intimidate you from just starting.
  • It’s more important that you find a rhythm that works for you than to do it “the right way.” To paraphrase a friend of mine, “I like my way of meeting with God better than your way of not meeting with him.”


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