How Can I Discover My Purpose on Earth?

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Show Notes: 

Have you ever been in the midst of some task-something lifegiving, challenging, and exciting all at once-and thought, “Man, it seems like I was made for this!”? What if that feeling wasn’t just a fleeting thought, but a picture of reality? What if God actually has given you a specific task, some way to reflect his kingdom?

In this episode of “12 Truths & A Lie,” Pastor J.D. teaches us what God thinks about our work. Many of us haven’t given that a lot of thought. What does God have to do with my job? Actually, quite a bit! Through your work, God can fulfill promises, display his redemption, and advance his mission.

Whether you’re a builder or a banker, a student, or a stay-at-home mom, you’ll learn the five ways you can approach your work from a uniquely Christian perspective.

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