Do You Partner in Ministry With People You Disagree With?

Show Notes:

  • A theologian named Michael Byrd breaks down theological truths into three primary categories.
  • First, there are matters essential for salvation. On these matters, we have to have agreement. These include the person of Christ, the way of salvation, etc. These are things absolutely worth dividing over, and I would not partner with someone in ministry in an area like this where we disagree.
  • Second, there are matters that are important to the faith and the church but not matters of salvation. These things are also things where you need a relative amount of unity. They’re almost always spelled out in Scripture.
  • Third, there are matters of indifference. Those are non-essentials, debatable things, preferences, opinions, etc.
  • You’ve got to know what category different truths go into. Romans 14 says we are not to divide over inconsequential, disputed matters.

Wisdom is knowing what to unite around and what things are worth dividing over.

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