Message: “Let’s Get Ready to RUMBLE” from J.D. Greear

J.D. Greear - August 27, 2023

Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE

In this message from James 4, Pastor J.D. answers the question James poses to us all: Why do we fight? At the deepest levels, where do our quarrels and jealousies come from? For most of us, we might think we know the answer. We fight because THEY started it! But James has a much different answer. The problem isn’t our circumstances or our boss or our friends or our spouse or our kids. The problem is much closer to home. It’s us. In the end, that’s actually good news. Because if the problem lies within us, then the solution—God’s confronting and healing grace—is available to us, too.

Scripture References: James 4:1-12

From Series: "The Book of James: The Gospel from the Outside In"

No other New Testament book is quite like James. Catchy, practical, and in your face, the book of James jumps straight into the nitty gritty of daily life. James takes the lofty doctrines of the gospel and brings them down to earth. You can’t read James without being confronted. James steps on your toes. At times, he punches you in the gut. More than anything, James wants you to do something with the gospel you’ve been given—to live it out. James could have referred to himself as Jesus’ brother. Instead, he calls himself “a servant of God.” And through his book, he’s calling us to do exactly that—to serve God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

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