Message: “It’s All Part of the Plan” from J.D. Greear

J.D. Greear - May 1, 2022

It's All Part of the Plan

In this message from Daniel 10–12, Pastor J.D. walks through Daniel’s visions of receiving warnings and capturing hope. We see that hardship, persecution, and suffering have all been decreed, but they’re not the only decree: Jesus will reign forever and judge the living and the dead according to his righteousness. He will renew and restore all things, and his people will dwell with him forever. And as we live in the in-between, Daniel encourages us that though things are dark—and they are likely only to get darker—we don’t despair. It’s all part of the plan.

Scripture References: Daniel 10:1

From Series: "Summit Life TV"

At The Summit Church, we aim to make disciples, not just converts. Disciples don’t just want to know what their master knew, but to do what their master did. As we step out in faith, we commit to do whatever God calls us to do and to go wherever he calls us to go. God doesn’t tell us what the entire journey will look like. He simply calls us to take a step of faith. Then another. And another. Join us as we learn to walk in step with him.


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