How We Can Support Families in a Post-Roe World

As is well known by now, last Friday, June 24, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. (If you’d like to read my previous note on this, you can find it here.)

While this political decision is a huge victory, the work of ending abortion is far from over. Furthermore, the need to support families is greater than ever. So let me jump to the punchline: If you are grateful for the Supreme Court ruling on 6/24, join me in donating $624 (or $62.40 or $6.24) to an organization supporting mothers and families—see below for more info. 

We believe that the best way to do this is to make sure that every woman has the support she needs to face the challenges of pregnancy. Whether that is through health care, supportive government resources, employment, housing, or (most of all) a supportive gospel community, we believe it is essential to support mothers being mothers.  

There is no single ministry that can do all of this. It takes a coordinated effort to address these broken areas in our society.

Here’s what that means: As a church, it’s time for us to step up. This has never been primarily about policy change. It’s about saying—with our words and with our lives—“We’re here to protect life, like Jesus did, and lay down our lives for others. Now is the time to be the church.”

To that end, I will be personally donating $624 (for 6/24) to one of The Summit Church’s ministry partners (listed below)—all of whom are doing important work supporting mothers. And I am challenging everyone who can to do the same:

If you can’t give $624—I realize that’s most of you reading this!—then give what you can: $62.40, $6.24, or maybe some other non-624 number. But join me by supporting those who are supporting mothers. 

Now, more than ever, God’s people must lead the way in protecting life, supporting families, and loving our neighbors in tangible ways. Join me!