W4YW: Politicians (Pro & Con), Christmas Cynicism, & Grandparent Gifts

Wisdom For Your Weekend: your weekly installment of things we’ve been reading (and watching) around the web.

Videos of the Week

Marco Rubio on What It Means to Trust in Jesus. Whether you are Democrat or Republican, if you are a believer you’ll find this deeply encouraging—to have someone in the public eye pointing out the trustworthiness of Jesus (from what sounds like personal experience). For the record, if sincere politicians from the “other” side say something like this, we’ll post it, too!

Is Donald Trump Wrong about Muslim Immigration? Russell Moore. In a word, yes. If there is something to be thankful for in the entire “Trump Fiasco” (patent pending), it’s that he provokes conversations with his—shall we say—more colorful comments. Recently he suggested that we close our border to all Muslims. This is an obviously foolish agenda, and one that flies in the face of Christian principles. For the sake of religious liberty, for the sake of integrity, and for the sake of basic humanity, Russ Moore says we’ve got to reject this for the folly that it is.

Articles of the Week

Cynicism and Christmas Songs, Jared Musgrove. I (Chris) am a sucker for songs written during the American Civil War, so it’s no surprise that my favorite Christmas carol is “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day.” It’s a song that deals head-on with the seemingly naïve joy and happiness of Christmas. Musgrove seems to like it too, for the way it counters our cultures inherent cynicism. (By the by, I like Echosmith’s rendition best.)

10 Church Planting Proverbs, Darryl Dash. This is a handy little list. Dash has compiled some of the catchiest quotes about church planting. And they’re not just catchy; they’re packed with wisdom. Spend some time with these modern-day proverbs. Incorporate them into your life. Memorize a few. You’ll be glad you did.

What Should I Do about Grandparent Gift-Giving? Jen Wilkin. If you’re a parent, you may suffer from a seasonal disorder known as FPS—Fretful Parent Syndrome. It manifests whenever your carefully laid plans of a minimalist Christmas are torpedoes by the grandparents, who swoop in with mountains of toys. If you’re exhibiting any of the symptoms—anxiety, frenetic attempts at control, excessive use of the words “spoiled” or “extravagant” or “frivolity”—then Wilkin is here to give you your meds.

10 Random Things To Know About Pastors, Ron Edmondson. This won’t be true of every pastor, of course, but Edmondson provides a handful of truths that are probably true of most. (I think he’s 10 for 10, personally.) If you aren’t a pastor, you’ll find this enlightening. If you are a pastor, you’ll be nodding your head along with this.

On The Lighter Side

Causes of Death in Shakespeare Plays [Graph]. Back in Shakespeare’s day, we’re guessing the line was, “Knives don’t kill people. People kill people.” Or maybe even, “Knives don’t kill people. Shakespeare kills people.”

Shakespeare deaths


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