Resources for Sanctity of Life Sunday 2016

Tomorrow churches across the country will celebrate “Sanctity of Life Sunday,” a day in which we celebrate God’s gift of life, commemorate the many lives lost to abortion, and commit ourselves to protect human life at every stage.

There are many excellent resources out there to equip us in this cause, but I want to briefly highlight three:

The first is a 41-minute talk from Scott Klusendorf, the founder of the Life Training Institute and a powerful pro-life apologist. His theme here is “making a case for life on hostile turf.”

The second is a much shorter video (about 2-3 minutes), also from Klusendorf. Most of us won’t have 41 minutes to defend the pro-life position, so Klusendorf boils it down to two minutes. How can we quickly and winsomely make a pro-life case—a case that would be compelling to those who don’t want religious arguments?

And the third is a powerful quote from Linda Bird Francke, who wrote a memoir, The Ambivalence of Abortion. Francke had marched in support of abortion rights in 1973, and had an abortion herself in 1976. But the experience, like many who have traveled that road, has left her haunted. Her words here are a heart-rending testimony that we need more than arguments. We need to hear the stories of abortion, too.

“It certainly does make more sense not to be having a baby right now—we say that to each other all the time.

But I have this ghost now.

A very little ghost that only appears when I’m seeing something beautiful, like the full moon on the ocean last weekend.

And the baby waves at me.

And I wave back at the baby.

‘Of course, we have room,’ I cry to the ghost. ‘Of course we do.’”