What if There’s More to the Christmas Story than You Thought?

We have an extra special episode of Ask Me Anything for you. Pastor J.D. wrote a short evangelistic book this year called, Searching for Christmas: What if There’s More to the Story than You Thought?, to put a gift in the hands of Christians for those they’re reaching out to. A lot of the normal Christmas Eve services, you might not be able to invite someone to, but this book creates a way to still have fruitful conversations this holiday season.
We’re happy to be able to present to you the full audio book in its entirety to enjoy and pass along to others. You can purchase copies of this short evangelistic book at thegoodbook.com.
If you’d like a copy of this free audio book (in non-podcast form), you can access it as a free gift now.
About Searching for Christmas
Discover the awesome God at the heart of the familiar Christmas story. Most of us are familiar with the events of the first Christmas—the manger scene, shepherds watching sheep, angels singing their songs, and wise men arriving—but what if there’s more to the story? What if the birth of Jesus is actually the most significant event in all of history and can transform our lives? In a compelling, insightful, winsome, and personal way, J.D. Greear shows that if we get to know the God who lies behind the Christmas story and at the heart of the Christmas story, we’ll discover the joy, hope, purpose, and belonging we’re all searching for.
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