Is Gambling Morally Wrong?

In this week’s episode of the Ask Me Anything Podcast, Pastor J.D. talks about whether or not gambling is morally wrong.

Show Notes:

Gambling can seem harmless. You throw a little bit of money on a sporting event, on a slot machine, or on a lottery ticket… what’s the harm in that? I am going to draw distinction between Las Vegas-type gambling and a $20 office pool.

Gambling is at least a $44 billion dollar industry in the US–and that’s just the legal gambling, to say nothing of off-the-books gambling. In fact, as more and more states legalize gambling, it’s getting worse. Some studies say up to 10% (6-9%) of young adults experience problems related to gambling.

And gambling has some big moral ramifications. 

Three primary problems with it: 

  • First, it goes against the work ethic in Scripture. 
  • Second, the gambling industry intentionally takes advantage of the poor. 
  • Third, gambling is addictive. 

Honestly, you need to use your own personal judgment on these. I realize it may sound ultra-spiritual, but this is exactly the kind of issue where the Holy Spirit guides us. What may feel totally right to one believer may feel morally wrong to another.

Al Mohler: 

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