In Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

For several years now, The Summit Church has been intentionally trying to grow in our multi-ethnic diversity. We continue to strive to be people who not only host multi-cultural events, but (as Pastor Chris Green says) who live multi-cultural lives.

The more we strive to demonstrate kingdom diversity to our surrounding community, the more I come to appreciate moments like Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, when we can re-focus ourselves on the task. Dr. King left us a legacy of Christian conviction, courage, and compassion for which I am immensely grateful. Any strides our church has made come on that great man’s shoulders.

I have two videos I want to share in honor of Dr. King.

The first is from our services this weekend. Pastor Curtis and Pastor Chuck joined together in a powerful declaration that we still have a dream for our church and our nation. If this doesn’t stir your soul, you may want to check your pulse:

The second is from a few weeks ago, when one of our pastors, K.J. Hill, had an encouraging and enlightening interview with two African-American pastors–Pastor Ryan Brooks and Pastor William Cooper–about racial integration in the church, developing friendships across racial lines, and the way forward for the church in America. When you have an hour, it’s definitely worth a watch: