A Bevy of Resources: On Submission, Abuse, Parenting, & Work

This weekend’s message covered a lot of ground, but we recognize that it also has the potential to lead to some confusion. The following resources (most of which I mentioned during the message) should help fill out what I couldn’t get to in my “brief” 40 minutes of preaching.

Christian Marriage, Gender Roles, and Abuse

  • Follow Up Resources for a Sermon on Headship and Submission, Brad Hambrick. Our Pastor of Counseling links to some of his excellent Gospel-Centered Marriage material here, showing how Christian marriage is more than gender roles. He also shares a bunch of helpful material to address different aspects of how to respond to abusive relationships.



  • Work as Worship, RightNow Media. (Note: You’ll need a RightNow log-in to access this material. If you haven’t logged in already, ask your small group leader or campus pastor.)