Where Is the Devil at Work Today?

Show Notes:

  • First of all, we have to acknowledge that Satan is, indeed real. We have to take him seriously. But some people are guilty of not taking him seriously at all, and some are guilty of blaming every bad thing in life on him.
  • A lot of people don’t know that the phrase “demon possessed” is actually not in the Bible. The phrase “demonized” is, instead. I don’t believe that a demon can actually come in and possess someone who is a believer, but I do think demons can afflict a person who is a believer, especially when they’re not walking in obedience or saturated in the Word. We need to be alert and sober-minded, like Peter says.
  • When you look at the totality of human history, you would be naive to attribute some of history’s greatest tragedies to anything other than the influence of Satan, the prince of this world.
  • Fortunately for believers, the blood of Jesus covers us and anything covered by Jesus blood is safe from Satan and his attacks. Second, we have God’s Word itself. When Jesus was tempted, he quoted Scripture back to Satan and if it worked for Jesus, we can know it’ll work for us. That’s why I work to memorize Scripture.

I think Satan LOVES social media, it’s designed to magnify our self-obsession, which is Satan’s calling card!

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