What’s your favorite sermon you’ve ever preached?

Pastor J.D. reflects on his two-sermon series on Ecclesiastes—his underrated favorite.

A glimpse inside this episode:

Well, like a typical pastor, I just can’t narrow it down to one–I say whatever I am preaching at moment– and so many have spoken and challenged me directly in real, tangible ways before they ever made their way onto the stage.

A few years ago, I did preach a short, two-sermon series on the book of Ecclesiastes which has always sort of been an “underrated favorite” of mine. The first sermon was called “It’s all gone to hevel,” because that word “hevel,” is a Hebrew word the author uses in the second and third verses, which set the theme for the book. He says, in our English translations, something like “Vanity, vanity, everything is vanity. What does a person gain for all his efforts that he labors at under the sun?” Probably the best way to sum that up is to think about a cloud or a vapor. When you look at a cloud, it looks like a giant, fluffy pillow you could lay down on. But if you’ve ever been in an airplane (or jumped out of one), you know that there’s really no substance to a cloud… you just pass right through it. They’re full of nothing. 

The goal of any sermon should be worship.

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