What if I don’t feel like God is answering my prayers?

During this uncertain time, Pastor J.D. addresses a common question Christians have about prayer. He makes it clear that God not only hears our prayers but moves as a result.
A glimpse inside this episode:
Here are some false answers:
  1. Maybe prayer is about changing me? Not true. Lewis. Not, ask and you’ll be changed, knock and the experience makes you different. The parables (Luke 13, Luke 18) about how God answers those who persist in prayer.
  2. Or, people wonder, maybe it’s all predestined? AA Hodge: “Eating is the pre-ordained way God has set for living.”
What should you do?
  1. First, Many have felt this way in history (Job; Psalms; Jeremiah in Lamentations)
  2. God rewards persistence: in this way, it does change you.
    1. It is good to wait on God.
  3. You don’t know all that God is doing:
    1. John Piper: at any given point, God is doing 10,000 things, you are aware of only three of them
    2. Example: Tapestries at Biltmore House
  4. None of your prayers are wasted—God uses them all.
    1. Sometimes overruling your answer for a better one!
    2. The Spirit intercedes for us. Revelation: God collecting these prayers at his altar.
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