What Do We Preach When We Take Communion?

In this week’s episode of the Ask Me Anything Podcast, we listen in as Pastor J.D. talks about communion during a recent sermon.

Show Notes:

  • Three words arise out of Paul’s theology of communion that you should remember in every communion service
    • Proclamation
    • Participation
    • Examination
  • Proclamation (verse 26)
    • Normally you think of me, standing here, as the proclaimer, and I am. But Paul says the Lord’s Supper is itself a proclamation—the bread and cup are like visual aids; a sermon prop Jesus gave us to help us better reflect on the gospel.
    • The first thing communion proclaims is that we need to be saved!
    • Second, the bread and cup proclaim that you can be saved!
    • Third, we proclaim that suffering and death are not the end.
      • This table proclaims, “Death is not the end! Poverty is not the end. Jesus rose, and he will return again.”
      • This table proclaims that our hardship, like Jesus’ cross, is part of bringing God’s good plan into the world.
    • Fourth, this table proclaims that this church is first and foremost a community of the forgiven.
  • The Lord’s Supper is a sermon, a proclamation, that destroys all these divisions.

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