J.D., why aren’t you a missionary since you spend so much time talking about missions?

Pastor J.D. shares how God called him to the mission field before calling him to be a pastor of a church that sends and supplies the mission field in extravagant ways.

A glimpse inside this episode:

When God called me to be a pastor, he did so by first calling me to the mission field. I spent the first two years of my ministry as a church planter among Muslims overseas. God never relinquished that call to missions; he showed me that my role in it is to be a part of a church that sends and supplies the mission field.

Even though my primary role in the Great Commission is now as an equipper, it is always such a joy to get back on the front lines. Sure, it can be frustrating not being able to speak the language. But I share Christ more, person to person, in a two-week span than I probably do the entire rest of the year here in the States. It is my identity there, the entire reason I had go short term now. So when an opportunity comes up, I simply share the gospel. I wasn’t “Pastor J.D.” there. I was just “J.D. the guy talking about Jesus.” I want that to last: I want to just be the “Jesus guy” even here.

Follow-Up Question: How do you know if you’re called to overseas missions?

References: Nehemiah 2:12, Acts 13:2, Isaiah 6.

Picture a Venn Diagram with these three circles: Affinity, Ability, Affirmation. Where do these things overlap?

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