Is every man called to be a leader?

Pastor J.D. discusses God’s design for men according to Genesis 2 and 3.

A glimpse inside this episode:

It goes back to Genesis 2–3.

Spiritual Leadership

  • Woman brought into a situation where he already has a walk with God. He is supposed to explain the commands of God to her. 
  • He names the animals, even names her! 

He’s given the responsibility to lead the family. Not only spiritually:

  • She’s brought into a home where he is providing.
  • He takes initiative in romance: Adam’s first words were a love poem.
  • He takes responsibility to love and protect: “This is now bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh.”

When you look at Genesis 3 you can see that humanity’s fall happened, in part, through a failure of the man to lead. He was “with” the woman when she ate. He was standing there, wondering if Genesis 2:17 was true.

  • How I know: Genesis 3:9 So the Lord God called out to the man and said to him, “Where are you?” “Where were you?” 
  • The first sin was not one of commission, but omission. 
    • Just sitting back.
    • It’s no secret: Women are more faithful to volunteer in the church than men.
    • More initiative with the kids.
    • More initiative with the relationship.
    • They show more initiative in mission. (IMB: 4 to 1) 
    • They show more initiative to grow: my publisher advised me that women are reading more and you can’t write just to men. 

Genesis 3:9 is still his question. Where are you, men? We’ve got a generation of males that never grow up to be men who take up their role as leaders.

Dr. Anthony Bradley, sociologist: 

  • 85% of youths in prison come from fatherless homes
  • 71% of high school dropouts come from fatherless homes
  • 90% of all homeless & runaway children are from fatherless homes
  • 60% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes

Just as the fall of humanity came through the failure of a man to lead, so salvation comes when a man takes up his leadership role. 

  • Jesus is the Second Adam
  • And so with us… (no disrespect to the ladies)

Tony Evans: “As goes the man, so goes the family. As goes the family; so goes the church. As goes the church; so goes the community. As goes the community; so goes the nation. So if you want to change the nation; change the community; if you want to change the community change the church; if you want to change the church; change the family; if you want to change the family, change the man.”

Tony Evans: If the child is first to come to Christ, there is a 3.5% chance everyone else in the household will follow; if the mother, a 17% chance; if the father, a 93%.

What to do: 

Commit to re-order your relationships: 

  • Anthony Bradley, like we said before:
    • Wife before children
    • Children before work 
    • Friendships before solitude
    • God before all of it.
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