How do you know you’re growing as a disciple of Jesus?

Pastor J.D. shares five identities of a disciple—worshiper, family member, servant, steward, witness.

A glimpse inside this episode:

At our church, we’ve really made this a big emphasis this year. Jesus called us to make disciples, and that means teaching people how to follow Jesus and live the life of a Jesus follower.

We’ve been walking through 5 identities of a disciple:

  • Worshiper
    • Daily time with God. Quiet time. 
    • Regular church attendance. 
  • Servant
    • How do you approach your life, job, relationships, etc? What’s your attitude?
    • Volunteer/serve in church and/or community. 
  • Family Member
    • Belonging in membership and community, specifically. 
  • Steward 
    • How do you treat your money? Is generosity part of your life?
  • Witness
    • Who’s your one? 
    • Go on a mission trip. 
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