How Can You Believe in a Virgin Birth? (With Rebecca McLaughlin)

Show Notes:

  • Rebecca, today we’ll answer another question from your book, Is Christmas Unbelievable? In the book, you answer the common question, “How can you believe in a virgin birth?”
  • A lot of people would say the virgin birth is a supernatural bridge too far. And I guess I can see why people say that, but in reality, if there’s a God who made the entire universe and everything in it, it’s actually sort of illogical to think that the same God couldn’t perform miracles, including having Jesus be born differently than everyone else.
  • The virgin birth has always been a miraculous claim—not just because of what modern science has told us.
  • But I happen to personally know some of the top scientists in the world who are believers and do, in fact, believe in the virgin birth. So, I don’t think we need to be concerned that the belief in the virgin birth is only for the scientifically uneducated.
  • Some question whether it really makes a difference if Jesus was born of a virgin or not. In fact, it is completely fundamental to our faith that Jesus was both fully human and fully divine. It’s not an optional extra or a “nice to have.”

The frame of reference we need to have for Jesus should so blow our minds that the reality of him being born of a virgin and conceived by the Holy Spirit is just one of many angles of the extraordinary reality of who he is as God made flesh.

The claims about Jesus that the gospels make are completely miraculous from his conception onwards. I don’t think we should be abashed about believing it all.

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