AMA Live, Part 3: Should Churches Sacrifice Doctrine to Appeal to More People?

Recently, Pastor J.D. got to host a special “Live AMA” with college students from Hardin Baptist Church in Hardin, KY. Listen in as Pastor J.D. answers questions submitted by the audience, including, “Should Churches Sacrifice Doctrine to Appeal to More People?”

Show Notes:

Should Churches Sacrifice Doctrine to Appeal to More People?

  • I don’t see any way other than to say, yes, you should be critical of these churches. Now, does that mean you should become a social media warrior? Probably not. That’s mostly unhelpful.
  • But I will say, sometimes, not everything is as it seems with other churches. Sometimes, there are genuine reasons behind things other churches do that are admirable and laudable.
  • However, you don’t ever do anyone any favors by backing down from the truth.
  • Just like there’s a time to know when not to speak, there’s a time to be really clear.

If I’m Called to Ministry — Now What?

  • Let’s just acknowledge one thing: everyone is called in some way. Every Christian is called to leverage whatever God gave them for the Great Commission.
  • The question is no longer if you are called, but where and how.
  • We always challenge all of our college graduates to spend 2 years on church planting teams… a lot of times, they’re beginning their careers over there!
  • Another phrase we use: To follow Jesus means to figure out what you’re good at, and then do it well to the glory of God, somewhere strategic for the mission of God.
  • Our Summit College team encourages students to do this, but our North American Mission Board does this, also: go to to get in on this.

How Do You Counsel Someone Called Overseas?

  • Well, just go. Check out either a short-term trip through your local church, or even something like the International Mission Board’s Journeyman program. Those are great ways to find out if this really is what God has for you.

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