One in Christ Jesus: The Role of Women in Ministry at The Summit Church

Our directional elders have now approved our position paper on women in ministry at the Summit. This paper is the product of over a year of work. Input was provided by staff leaders (men and women), campus elders, directional elders, and lay members. All told, there were more than a hundred key leaders involved in this process.

We recognize that Bible-believing Christians in other churches may apply the principles of complementarianism differently. We will continue to encourage them in their ministry and partner with them in mission, holding our views with humility and praying that others extend to us the same grace. We are always willing to hear those who come to us with an open Bible and an open mind.

Equipping and platforming women to thrive in ministry is not a passion we share because of personal opinion or preference. We are convinced that there is no such thing as a healthy church in which the men flourish and the women do not. Thus, by cultivating an atmosphere where our sisters can thrive, we cultivate an atmosphere in which our brothers will thrive as well.

Above all, we believe that God’s Word is good and trustworthy, and that his design for the church will stand throughout time and prosper the church, now and always. In Christ’s service, every brother and sister finds unimaginable grace, inestimable value, and eternal purpose.

Read the entire position paper here: One in Christ Jesus: The Role of Women in Ministry at The Summit Church.