I am writing with an urgent request and a call to immediate action.

Sayed Mossa is a new believer in Afghanistan who is in jail in Afghanistan because he decided, of his own free choice, to follow Jesus. In this letter he managed to smuggle out through the hands of a Westerner, he describes daily beatings, torture, and sexual molestation. He stands to be executed for his decision to follow Jesus next week. He has a wife and 6 children, one of whom is disabled.

Part of me flushes with anger when I consider the price America has paid to help Afghanistan escape from the Taliban, and think that this is how the new government treats its own people. Is this what we sacrificed to produce? Is freedom of conscience and freedom of speech not a fundamental right of human beings everywhere?

Here is what I am asking you to do:

  1. Pray. Like the early church for Peter in Acts 12. Summit Church, this is our brother. This is a father with children. He is being imprisoned and faces execution for doing what we do freely each Sunday. Pray that Sayed will be released and that he will not falter under persecution.
  2. Write your Congressman or Senator. Put feet to your prayers. President Obama and our government can put pressure on President Karzai to release him. That was worked before. As this article explains, all it will take is a nod from President Karzai and he would be released. You can contact the White House or write to your state representative. This past Sunday was the national Sunday to pray for the persecuted church; this is a good way to put that into action.
  3. To my Muslim friends who may be reading this blog, can I ask that you do what you can to call for a stay on this execution and full religious freedom in Afghanistan? I was with several of you last week at the Global Faith Forum in Keller, Tx, where you were clear that you cherished the freedom of religion we all enjoy in America. You said that you wished that majority Muslim nations enjoyed the same freedom. I believed you when you said that. Now would be the time for you to do something about that. It is one thing for Christians to call for a stay on this execution; it would be even more powerful if you would do it. His life is in your hands.