So… our journey through the Song of Solomon is over! I know for some of you that is sad, and for others that is a relief. Ha. You can access any you missed, plus watch the videos, etc, here. I have a few final , departing comments on the Song of Solomon. Here they are:

  • If nothing else, Song of Solomon shows us that we need to celebrate love and sexual passion. (A lot of things in the SoS are difficult to interpret, but that part is not. God is into sex and romance!) I believe that one of the reasons our society has gone so hogwild into the sexual revolution was that we (the church) failed to teach and celebrate a positive, God-centered view of sex and romance. We treated it as taboo. On one hand, our world only heard us only say “don’t,” and on the other they tasted the beauty of sex and love and they chose the latter. What we should be doing is giving them a SUPERIOR view of sex. God's problem with the world's view of sex is not that it's too high, but too low! You can check out sermons 1 and 4 for more on that.
  • How I treat my wife has radical implications on how she learns to trust God (and visa versa). This is a wild thought. God intended marriage to be a laboratory wherein we learned trust, commitment, humility, intimacy, and forgiveness. When I fail to model God-like behavior in my marriage, it makes it more difficult for my wife to see and understand God. Mark Dever, in his short commentary on SoS, says, "Perhaps you have a hard time trusting your friends, or your spouse, or even God because of experiences in the past when you felt betrayed. In the same way, a positive experience with a spouse who is committed in love can begin to teach even the most damaged among us about god's love for us and the love we can have for him. How? Through our relationships with our spouses, we learn to relate to and deeply trust someone who is different than we are. And as we do that, we learn to trust God, who, in his holiness and beauty, is more different from us than our spouses are." Wow.

The sequel?

This book ends with the most random little admonition… it can really only be described as the end of the movie hint about a sequel… like on Friday the 13th when you'd see Jason's hand twitch at the end of the movie or in Rocky 87 when Rocky stirs in his grave when a new thug comes into town. Or maybe it could be like the blooper roll at the end of the credits… not sure. Whatever, I didn't have time to get into it on Sunday since I wanted to end with the Gospel and the Lord's table. Here it is. It's a great "final thought."

Here's the setup: In her diatribes about the pleasures of sex, the girl in SoS has been constantly repeating the refrain, "I tell you, daughter of Jerusalem, by the wild gazelles, do not awaken love until it pleases. She repeats that one more time in 8:4. Then, at the end of the book, her brothers speak about another little sister they have…

8 We have a little sister, and she has no breasts. What shall we do for our sister on the day when she is spoken for?

Translation: we have a sister who is immature and not ready for love and sex… she's got no breasts! So, how will we protect her?

9 If she is a wall, we will build on her a battlement of silver, but if she is a door, we will enclose her with boards of cedar.

There are two types of single women: walls–women who are guarded with their sexuality, pure… and doors–women who are open with their sexuality.

Get the image here… a wall keeps straggling people out of your house. An open, swinging door lets whomever come meandering in. If she is a wall, she will be adorned, says her brother. If she is a door… she ought to have underwear made out of cedar boards put on her.

Girls, be a wall. Married sex is the best sex. Once you give away something you can never get it back. Yes, God can heal you, cleanse, and make all things new, but it's incredibly painful for you to go through that healing process and it caused Jesus' death to provide it for you. Sex is great… just wait for it. God gives His best to those who wait. Your future husband will be glad you did. I promise. God's way is always best.

That's all for the S.o.S. We're signing off…