On Sunday I shared with you 12 or so things I know would happen if I engaged in immorality. These things would be true even if I truly repented of my actions and received God's full forgiveness. These, as I noted, are adapted from Randy Alcorn's The Purity Principle, and I'm grateful to Josh Harris for putting me onto them:

  • First and foremost, I would grieve my Lord, and displease the one whose opinion matters most to me
  • Christ’s sacred reputation would be drug into the mud in the eyes of the RDU community and before thousands of college students
  • I know that one day I will have to look Jesus in the face at the judgment seat and have to give an account for why I did it after all the beauty He has put into my life
  • I would force God to discipline me, severely, in various ways
  • I would follow in the footsteps of men I know whose immorality forfeited their ministry and causes me to shudder with horror
  • I would cause untold hurt to Veronica
  • I would have to endure the loss of Veronica’s respect and trust, and likely my entire relationship to her
  • I would shame my mother and father
  • I would cause hurt to and loss of credibility with Kharis, Allie, Ryah, and my coming son, who may never understand why I traded them for a thrill.
  • I would cause shame to you, my church family
  • I would enable the laughter, rejoicing, and blasphemous smugness of professors at UNC, Duke and NC State who disrespect God and mock him in the classroom
  • I would bring great pleasure to Satan, the enemy of God
  • I would heap judgment and endless problems on the girl I commit adultery with

"Let not your heart turn aside to her ways; do not stray into her paths. For many a victim she has laid low; and her slain are a mighty throng." (Prov 7:25-26).

The 7 principles (here's the whole sermon) from Proverbs 7 that we pulled out together were:

  1. Your enemy is "at every corner" (v. 12)
  2. Beware the lies (v. 21)
  3. You cannot live by desire alone; you must also live by design (v. 22)
  4. Sin leads to death (vv. 23-27)
  5. It is MANLY to hide from temptation (v. 6)
  6. Do not do life alone (v. 9)
  7. You can only escape falling for 'the woman of sin' by being in love with the More Beautiful Woman (vv. 4-5)