ServeRDU starts TODAY! Our purposes are simple:

  1. We love our city and want to demonstrate that to them in tangible ways. At the end of day we don’t serve to convert, we serve because we are converted.
  2. To make the gospel of Jesus famous and understandable in our city. Christ saved us when we had nothing to give him in return, and we want to respond to that by serving those around us. In so doing, we hope to put the generosity of Christ on display in our community and glorify Jesus.
  3. The development of long-term relationships between Summit members and people in our community. While we hope the projects bless the city, our primary purpose is to catalyze new relationships. People are our primary mission.
  4. The raising up of new leaders in our congregation. The primary arena for ministry in the New Testament is in the community. Thus, our hope at the Summit is not merely to enlist people to help us with the weekend worship services (as important as that is!), but to see them dream and lead in new ministry initiatives. We want leaders in new ideas, not just volunteers to help us execute our ideas. (This is not to downplay the importance of the weekend–our worship services are our most important ministry to our city, and each Summit member should play a part each weekend! If you are not serving on the weekend, go here)


The preaching of the gospel is our primary mission. Christ saved us by doing for us what we could not do for ourselves by suffering the penalty for our sin in our place, and He offers it as a free gift to all who will receive it.  The message we preach with our mouths we hope to demonstrate by our lives. We want people to feel the generosity of Christ we preach from our pulpit and in our small groups each weekend.

So Summiteer, if you haven’t done so already, Go HERE for more info. Now is the time for ALL OF US to pull together to make Jesus famous and His presence undeniable in RDU.