When Lifeway contacted Veronica and me to write a resource on parenting, we were understandably hesitant. As any parent knows, few responsibilities in life are as intimidating (and humbling) as parenting. And it seems that the longer Veronica and I parent, the less confident we become in our abilities. I’ve often said that before becoming a parent, I had 4 great insights on parenting and 0 children; now I have 4 children and 0 great insights on parenting.

That’s precisely why we did our best to let the Scriptures speak. The result was the Ready to Launch curriculum based on Psalm 127, which just came out today. Psalm 127 says that children are like arrows. Arrows are designed to be shot out, not to sit safely in the quiver. This entire study has a view toward raising up the next generation to be sent out for God’s mission–an assignment not just for parents, but for the entire Christian community.

Don’t wait–order your copy here today!