Here's a great question from someone at our Cole Mill campus, answered by Pastor Rick:

I really like the multi-site concept. Are we going to launch any new locations in the next few years?

This is one of my favorite questions. YES! We have set a goal to start at least one new campus by the fall of 2009. We’ve also put together a team that will be studying, praying and planning to make that happen. I hope we can start even more than that by then. This could be a great way to expand the kingdom here in the Triangle in the coming years. Three things we need to start a new campus: a Place (facility to meet in); a People (who are coming to one of other campuses from a good distance and would make a good start-up core group); and a Pastor (someone who can lead the new congregation). Of course, a little start up funding, too. Where will our next one be? Mebane? Chapel Hill? Fuquay-Varina? North Raleigh?

We think that the best "Gospel strategy" for an area includes preaching the message of the Gospel to every person in that area, and demonstrating the Gospel (by acts of love and service) to that area. The best way to do both of those things, we believe, is to plant local churches and congregations. If you'd like to check out a little more about our "multi-site" philosophy, here are a couple of helpful articles. 1 2