Yesterday I had yet another chance to meet with another member who has really invested her life into a co-worker who has been, up until now, virulently anti-Christian. Our member has been ministering to this girl, and bringing her to our church weekly. God has changed her heart, and while she is not a believer, she is clearly being brought along to faith in Christ. I met with both of them yesterday. As this girl poured out her heart to me, I felt like I was sitting with a pre-conversion Apostle Paul. This is real stuff.

It reminded me of something we talked about on Sunday that is so, so crucial.

If we want to see people really brought from darkness to light… people far from God brought to know Him in Spirit and truth, it’s going to be because you and I are personally invested in people’s lives. Good preaching and great music can produce big crowds and quick decisions, but not call out genuine disciples. Genuine disciples are produced only by the intentional investment of our lives in the lives of individual people.

Summit, I do not want us to grow simply because a bunch of Christians from other churches come to our church because we have an upbeat program. (Fortunately or unfortunately?) our music is good enough and our services are engaging enough that we will likely always have people… but attracting fans to show matters very little in eternity.

In this season of great blessing on our church, a question we must consider is this: Is the church growing because of you, or simply around you?

Who can you point to that you are investing in personally? If no one, why not make this an earnest matter of prayer? God will help you if you ask Him. He is “glorified when we bear much fruit,” and He loves to take people who have “fished all night and caught nothing” and so overload their boats that they are about to sink.

A special shout out to a group we house here in our church who do this exceptionally well, and are teaching the rest of us how to do it better—Campus Outreach. Under the leadership of Rupert Leary, these guys really get it… they know what it means to invest, individually, in people far from God. A large portion of the people who get baptized here cite someone from Campus Outreach as instrumental in their conversion.