Just wanted to take a moment and be publicly grateful for the grace that God has given to me and to our church. Stories like these make me realize how special of a time and place we live and serve in.

  • On Sunday, 22 people indicated to us that they were giving their lives to Jesus.
  • Got to spend an hour with a Law School graduate yesterday who has been coming to our church for 6 months. We are the first church she has ever attended, and she described her previous knowledge of Jesus as "learned from the Simpsons." We are now studying the Gospel of Mark together. I love it that people like this come to our church.
  • We encourage members to have a "3 on 3" list–3 people who need Jesus that they pray for 3 times a day. One of our members that when we first gave that challenge he put 3 people on his list, and he just led the final of those 3 to Jesus this week. That's awesome. Do the work of the ministry. While I have some of my own stories, more than anything I think I live vicariously through our members.
  • I have loved spending the week with our new slew of Institute students… who spend the summer at our church living with church families, going to class, doing missional work for our church plants, and serving in the church. This is one of the brightest groups of students yet!
  • Got this letter last week…

I "found" The Summit via a wrong turn, and that it was totally God's hand leading me to a place which would grow me into the person I am and will become.  I am now in Brussels, Belgium doing youth ministry, and if it wouldn't have been for The Summit's commitment to growing its congregation, I believe I wouldn't be here serving the Lord in this way.  The Summit gave the necessary tools which I needed/need to grow close to God, and hear his voice in my life.

The Summit's commitment to the search for and the teaching of God's truth has made Summit a beacon on the hill over the Triangle, shining for Christ with a passion that can be felt as soon as you walk into the service. The honest love it shows to both members and nonmembers through that commitment creates a community that is warm and receptive, truly Christ like.

The Summit taught me what true teaching is all about, truth applied to our lives.  For the first time in my life, I didn't want a sermon to end! I began to desire more and more in my heart the wisdom from the sermon, and it drove me deeper and deeper into the gospel.  This was an integral part of my growth, for as my heart desired more of what God had to offer I looked for small group. Through the YP's I found a great small group where I was surrounded by people with the same passion as myself, and from there we built each other up growing together toward Christ.

As one who as been touched by the love of the people, the wisdom of teaching, passion for God Summit has, I can tell you for a fact that the world knows The Summit, and Hell does too. THANK YOU to everyone who helps to make The Summit the house of God it is. You're changing lives.  I still listen to the podcasts every week and take notes like a mad man! I can't thank you enough for the long hours, the overtime, and the love you put into everything you do there.  Keep it up!!

That last letter makes me say three things. (1) Thank God for Summit Life Groups. All of you should be in one. Quit being a spectator. (2) I am super stoked about our thriving Young Professional group that meets on Thursdays under the directionof Andrew and Anna Hopper. (3) I hope everyone will get into our Hope for Durham/RDU so we can bring the power of the Kingdom to lots of more people like these. Check it out here.