As I mentioned during our services this weekend, for every relational problem we have—whether division, or insecurity, or fear—the answer is to go back to your identity in Christ. As we often say, the gospel is not just how you begin the Christian life; it’s how you grow in the Christian life. It’s not just the diving board; it’s the whole pool.

Because of how critical our identity in Christ is, I want to re-introduce a Gospel Prayer that I’ve used for the last few years. I pray this often in order to center myself on the gospel. There are four components to the prayer, and all four flow out of our identity in Christ. Because I am in Christ…

1. There is nothing I have done that could make you love me less, and nothing I could do that would make you love me more.

2. You are all I need for everlasting joy.

3. As you have been to me, so I will be to others.

4. As I pray, I’ll do so according to the compassion you’ve shown at the cross and the power you demonstrated through the resurrection.

We’ll be giving out some bookmarks in the weeks to come. But we’ve got a bunch of awesome digital resources (smartphone wallpapers, mini-posters, etc.) for you right now. Check it out: The Gospel Prayer.