Pastor J.D. discusses his hopes and goals for the new year.

A glimpse inside this episode:

Each new year gives us an opportunity to refocus and recalibrate about the year ahead. A practice I’ve learned from John Piper is taking some dedicated time to pray about my calling and specifically if we’re called overseas each year.

On our staff team, each December we prepare for the next year. For example, in 2019, we’re praying for 1,000 baptisms in the coming year through our Who’s Your One? initiative. Another thing we’re focusing on is the number of people in small groups. Those are re-calibration items we’re seeking God for this year.

Personally, I have a standard set of goals each year. One is a goal for the number of books I’ll read next year, and I spend time researching what I want to read and if there is a theme. My wife and I set time each week to plan ahead for the next week. And then every three months, we set time to talk about the next six months. And so, going into 2019 we have plan for our shepherding our kids and mission trips we plan to take.


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